Guille  / gêê jey / n. ( pl. -es).
1. Derivative of long form Guillermo (gêê•yer•mo)
2. Spanish form of the given name William

Venezuelan born, Guillermo Becerra is a commercial photographer whose dynamic, eye catching and revealing images capture the essence of people and their workplaces. From the farm and the fields, to the factory and the building site, Guillermo has experience shooting in a wide range of environments, with the subject ranging from the ancient craft of glassmaking to the laser precision of modern engineering.

Prior to working as a professional photographer in London, Guillermo worked as a graphic designer. He saw the potential of combining graphic colours, textures and patterns to produce powerful photographic compositions.

Guillermo's experience of all stages of the photographic process from concept, to post production allows him to work with both editorial and corporate clients, as part of a team or on his own.